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One of the biggest challenges facing NOS is the integration of NOAA/NOS social science components. Although the mission of NOS can be succinctly stated, there is a significant diversity across NOS social science activities. The various missions that exist within NOS are varied so that any cross-cutting element, such as social science, must be fundamentally organized to obtain a basic level of coordination. Special Projects is currently leading an effort to carry out this coordination. This effort is based on a one-NOAA definition of the social sciences and consistent criteria for determining who is a social scientist within the agency. This one-NOAA approach to the social sciences will support the vision of integrating efforts across NOAA and will allow NOAA to track progress on building social science capacity within the agency.

Social Science Plan
Social Science Database
New Partnerships
Social Science Team

Social Science Plan

The purpose of the NOS Social Science Plan is to initiate a coordinated effort to build social science capacity in NOS, in order to help NOAA/NOS achieve its Mission Goals. The social science plan vision statement represents a one-NOAA (shared by all NOAA Line Offices) vision on the role of the social sciences in the agency. To learn about the NOS Social Science Plan, to obtain a copy of the plan, or to obtain a copy of the executive summary, please click here.

Social Science Database

Because of the diversity of objectives, methods, and scale of the various social science activities within NOS, the Social Science Team (SST) needed a vehicle with which they could organize the overwhelming amount of information that was compiled. Toward this end, two databases, one for information about social science projects, another for information on NOS social scientists, were created. These are dynamic databases and will be used to maintain information about social science within NOS for budget planning, information requests, and to integrate future social science efforts in a more efficient and effective manner.

New Partnerships

With the continuing evolution of NOS will come new challenges for social scientists to be able to support the NOS mission and understand the implications of this work from the perspective of society. This will require doing away with the stove pipe mentality. The integration of social science within NOS is a continuing process and will require sustained effort. Toward this end, Special Projects is offering a means of communicating social science needs to the greater NOS social science community. In the future this site will contain an input form with which those in need of social science work or with social science questions may detail their specific needs and work with the SST to create a partnership that can help fill those needs.

NOS Social Science Team

Click here for a table containing Social Science Team members and the NOAA Programs and NOS Offices they represent


NOAA Economics and Social Science
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Applying Social Science to Coastal Management
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Social Science Methods for Marine Protected Areas
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