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Natural and Artificial Reef Valuation - Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative

In 2001, NOAA funded the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative (HCRI) to conduct socioeconomic studies of the Hawaiian coral reefs. The University of Hawaii is overseeing the socioeconomic studies under HCRI. CORE economists serve as reviewers for HCRI.

Dutch economist Herman Cesar was selected in a competitive proposal process to lead the socioeconomic study of Hawaiian reefs. The study has resulted in a report entitled, Economic Valuation of the Coral Reefs of Hawaii, a link to which may be found below.


Marine Managed Areas (MMAs) in the Main Hawaiian Islands

In 2003, NOAA's Coastal Ocean Program, HCRI, Land and Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources and Hawaii's Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, hired Cesar Environmental Economics Consulting to conduct a study entitled "Assessment of Economic Benefits and Costs of Marine Managed Areas in Hawaii". Five reports were developed, plus an executive summary.


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